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We would like to inform you officially that TAP JAPAN OPEN 2020 has been cancelled (not postponed ) due to COVID-19 pandemic .
We have confirmed the safety of the tournament venue itself , but the Japanese Government will issue an Emergency declaration in 7th April . If the venue is closed due to lock down , the tournament can not be held . So we have decided that we can not proceed with the tournament preparations .

​Next TAP JAPAN OPEN will be held in 2022 .

The health and safety of you all is utmost importance . Wr appreciate your patience and understanding .
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Key Visual [ PROGRESS ] 
Calligrapher Atsuko YUKI
Download the tournament information  and application form from here.
Please fill the form and send it back by e-mail for the entry.
The first international TAP WORLD TOUR tournament in Asia and Oceania will be held in Japan this coming MAY.

MAY 22(Fri) - 24(Sun) 2020

Practice MAY 20th(Wed) - MAY 21th(Thu)

Venue : 

Nakadai Sports Park

 5-2 Nakadai, Narita-shi CHIBA , JAPAN


  ( Preparatory venue for rainy weather - only 24th May )

  Ken’s Indoor tennis school Narita

 2-156 Wing Tsuchiya Narita-shi CHIBA , JAPAN


Surface :

Nakadai Sports Park -  Omni ( Artificial Turf with sand )  

 ・8 outdoor courts

・All Court Shoes And Clay Court Shoes are suitable


Ken’s Indoor tennis school Narita - Artificial Turf

・2 indoor courts

・Only All Court Shoes  are acceptable


Balls :

Category A1・A - Bridgestone XT-8

Category B - BBPPS8(orange ball)


Entry Fee :

JPY 7,000

Payment must be CASH ( JPY only ) upon sign-in or registration

Inclusive pre-practice court fee , participation of social mixer

Events : 



Category : 

A1・A・B ( TAP rule )

 <Classification(Category ) and Evaluation>

If a player does not have a classification on the Circuit they must send a short video of playing tennis to the TAP World Committee  ( and let them know your body condition in  to show forward, backward and sideway movement. Check out the TAP  Tour link for

Social mixer :

Doubles Game Event with sponsors or club members with tournament players. It will be held MAY 21th(Thu) 17:00pm-19:00pm atKen's Indoor Tennis School (same as for rainy weather ) .Up to 12 Players will be acceptable

A1: Players with optimal functional mobility with impairment below the knee or motor impairment of one upper limb. E.g. a player who has an amputation or other disability below the knee or a player who has an amputation of one arm at joint level or who displays a congenital malformation in one arm.
A: Players with optimal functional mobility with impairment above the knee of one or both lower extremities and with or without alterations in one or two upper extremities. E.g amputation above the knee, hemiplegic, hemiparesis, congenital malformation and cerebral palsy.
B: Players with intermediate functional mobility that can play on a 60 foot tennis court with a orange ball.

Dear Players, Friends and Families who are going to TAP Japan Open 2020,


We are pleased to inform you of a recommended hotel information for TAP Japan Open 2020.

We, JASTA, Japan Adaptive Stand-up Tennis Association, will make a reservation for your stay during the tournament on behalf of players, their families and friends coming from outside of Japan. 


Our recommended Hotels are,  

1) Center Hotel Narita 2 R51  (suitable for single use)

2) Richmond Hotel Narita  (suitable for family use)

JASTA will ONLY make a reservation, please pay your accommodation cost by yourself at the hotel when you will check out.


Deadline to book rooms will be April 12th, Sunday. 

If you would like to help make a hotel reservation, please send an email. We will inform you of the details by e-mail.



We look forward to seeing you in Japan!!

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